Game Design Thinking

Write a Professional Game Design Document (GDD)

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About Course

This course offers a comprehensive guide for creating effective, efficient and compelling GDDs.

At the end of this course, you will have the ability to use different tools and practical knowledge to create GDDs in different formats to communicate your game ideas effectively to teams of any size.


  • Understand different types of GDDs
  • Understand how the development ethos affects your GDD
  • Understanding the importance of creating an effective, efficient and compelling document
  • How to productively use GDD checklists and outlines
  • Using word processors to create documents and create your own templates
  • Creating amazing screen and player flows that will massively improve your game design craft
  • Using Notion for making complex GDDs look easy using the power of databases
  • Writing “feature specs”
  • How to create amazing 1-pagers that will impress your teammates


  • A concept game executable will be provided, and you will document this game using each tool taught in the course
  • The game will suffer changes during the course, like in a real game development environment
  • You will write a Google Docs GDD
  • You will create a Notion GDD using a wiki-style GDD with databases
  • You will create a 1-pager to represent one or several systems of your game
  • You will have the opportunity to share your documents using the companion website for getting direct feedback from the instructors.

What is NOT included in this course

  • Programming languages
  • Art asset creation
  • Game design theory
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to write Game Design Documents (GDD)
  • Learn how to write effective, efficient and compelling documents
  • Create effective 1-pagers and infographics
  • Use Notion for creating wiki-style documentation using databases
  • Practice updating the game through several changes like in a real game dev environment
  • Use Google Docs to create your own templates
  • Learning different GDD tools and choose the more appropriate one for your own purposes

Course Content

Setting Up for Success

  • Welcome
  • Socials
  • Companion Website
  • What is a GDD?
  • Why should your document be Effective, Efficient and Compelling?
  • How to create a killer document?
  • Different Documents for Diverse Development Styles
  • What types of Documents do exist?
  • 1.1. Why documentation is so critical?
  • What content should a GDD have?
  • GDD Content Checklist
  • Is the GDD the final word? Development Methods
  • Vintage GDD References
  • 1.2. Changes, changes, and more changes!
  • Don’t Do This while Learning how to Write a GDD!
  • Taking Notes for Analysis (video)
  • Taking Notes for Analysis (graphic)
  • Introducing Your First Document: Character Customisation
  • Document a Character Customisation Game
  • 1.3. Character Creator Document

Word Processor GDD

Game/Screen Flows

Databases & Wikis

One-Page Documents


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